Vote Chewbacca


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It says: “Let’s slap on the furry hand of corruption!”


Let the Woookie win!


No chance, not with a sex scandal (involving royalty!) in his past.


I didn’t realize Michelle Obama was running.

I know, I know… that was bad ;o)

This has clinched it. My wife and I need to visit Ukraine because… awesome. …and a multi-day tour of Chernobyl.

Well, after the war is over.

This could be you:

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When I first mentioned it to my wife, she referenced that movie, too. Then, she added, “would we get to see the carnival-place?” she asked.

“I think so, that’s an actual location there, I think they just recreated it for the movie, though.”


So, I know she’s on board. :smile:

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