Darth Vader leading real humans in presidential poll, Donald Trump trailing them


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Hahaha, those are all VILLAINS, too, which is hilarious.

But congrats to Bernie being #1 among flesh and blood people, and generally slightly positive! For a politician, that’s a good sign. :slight_smile:


-for Cowicide, undated.


We’re gonna need a bigger vote.


May the Farce be with them.


Hey, Santorum is red hot!!!
Santorum calls crowd of 4 in rural Iowa a success


Cthulhu! For those tired of voting for the lesser evil.


They aren’t even American citizens! Although, I guess Bruce could be a citizen. Except, he, like the other strong candidates, is dead. For a candidate, that’s a good quality. Less likely to stick their foot in their mouth.

We need to get Cthulhu better numbers in the next poll.


In fairness, The Terminator can be re-programmed. Not sure anyone could confidently say the same of the likes of Ted Cruz or 'Ol Frothy.


I wonder what would happen if you ran a poll like this but instead of adding in fictional characters, you added in dead former presidents who have been reanimated in some fashion. “Zombie Ronald Reagan”, “Vampire Ronald Reagan”, and Futurama-style “head of Ronald Reagan in a jar”.


Obama isn’t a 2016 candidate…


But he will still be President in 2017 and beyond after declaring Martial Law…


Smaug/Immortan Joe 2016


I was going to point that out, but I don’t think that Darth Vader or Bruce the Shark are either.


He does still have a favorability rating though.

Plus, haven’t you heard? He’s declaring martial law and taking over. Thanks, Dictator!


Was it 2008 or 2012 we saw the bumper stickers touting Voldemort in the GOP primary?


So with the Terminator in the clear blue lead, what you’re saying is, if Arnold Schwarzenegger had been born here, he’d be the next President of the United States.

(But Ted Cruz was born a Canadian and he’s running so someone get Arny on the phone?)


Vader never got the chance to rule the galaxy as father and son. Maybe working with Luke instead of for the Emperor, he would have been significantly less awful?

I guess that if I’m to be consistent, I should also allow that if Scott Walker was in league with Bernie Sanders instead of the Koch brothers, maybe he’d be less awful too?


Um, Terminator 2?


Heh, for a second, I read candidates as characters. I prefer that, myself…