Help Wanted: Sneak into America and Work for Trump!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Trump Organization posts its Help Wanted advertisement, directed at citizens of Latino nations


I don’t think Mr Miller is getting the credit he deserves.


Look, he knows he’s the real President.


Honestly, if anyone thinks they are in control, they are crazy. I’ve raised toddlers, there is only so “in control” you can be.


I hope the Dem candidates are paying attention, so they can use this in their campaigns…

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I dunno, it seems like Trump voters are pretty much immune to his hypocrisy. Just because he embodies the polar opposite of everything conservatives claim to stand for doesn’t mean they won’t reelect him to stick it to the libs.


I thought comics were supposed to be funny. Trump ruins everything.


I love the subtlety on the McDonald’s one.


If a group of the world smartest scientists (the kind that work for the government, reverse engineering alien shit) got together to make the planets dumbest and biggest asshole…

Really, the guy redefines narcissistic asshole. How does someone live his entire life without caring that most people think he is a complete asshole. It’s one thing to do something shitty once in awhile, but to behave that way each and every day, and to truly believe the world revolves around you doesn’t seem possible without that behavior causing seriously negative effects early enough in life to either change the behavior or end up in a prison/ state hospital.


Google tells me narcissism is about 1% of the population, which mean that whatever spectrum narcissists exist on, they are about 2.5 standard deviations out on it. But there are 330,000,000 Americans, which means that somewhere in America someone is 5.8 standard deviations out on that scale. (How that person became president is an entirely different question.)

[Note: this is not how math works, but it’s at least a metaphor for the truth]


At this point political cartoons can only document reality. It’s impossible to satirize this stuff because its already so ridiculous. There are no jokes to be made because the joke is on us.

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