Trump says he'll win the Latino vote


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Republican candidacy enters a new era of self-parody



‘a’ Latino vote.


Trump is beyond ridiculous. . . but I live in a country that elected George W. Bush.


Trump could totally win, and he might even carry the Latino vote. We’re mostly idiots.


I really wonder if he’s delusional enough to think that he’ll win, or that he’s delusional enough to think that even if he loses its good advertising for him as a business.


While I try to keep my gross and disturbing pics limited to the HYST thread, I’m going to drop this here for shits-n-giggles:


Trump has as much chance at winning the Latino vote as a Latino has of winning a Trump vote.



Trumpster has turned out to be the joke that writes itself. Sometimes though we wince more than we laugh, and this is one of those times.


Just taking the comment at face value (humor me) shows that The Donald hasn’t thought this through. He needs to be elected before he creates these fabled jobs that will hypothetically entice Latinos to vote for him.



I still contend that is a HIGHLY DEBATABLE statement.


Oh it’s not a new era at all. Republicans have been winning the Latino vote for decades, in their imagination.


I’ve been trying to figure out what’s so disturbing about his face (aside from all the obvious parts). I think a big part of it is that his eyelids don’t match the rest of it. He presumably wears protective goggles when they apply the orange topcoat.


Pink and orange doesn’t really work well together.


I am beginning to consider Trump as an evolving work of performance art. I live in the UK. Does anyone consider this guy to be president material?


I haven’t yet encountered anyone who thinks so, even on Facebook. And people really aren’t shy about letting their political crazy flag fly on Facebook.


Because not only are they rapists, they are all jobless? OMG. Old orange racist guy just doubled down on stupid.

He is orange and when he takes off his shirt you can see the blue X across his chest. Racist Man! Trump, trump, and away…


he’s currently just behind jeb bush in polls of republicans. he also has the self-awareness of a rhinestone studded pair of brass knuckles.


With the rhinestones on the inside