VP Harris brushes off ousted Speaker McCarthy's attacks

Originally published at: VP Harris brushes off ousted Speaker McCarthy


Honestly, this entire interview is an excellent showcase of Vice-President Harris and a reminder of why I like her so much.

I’d like to like her, but she’s been almost invisible. Biden was constantly in the limelight, sometimes for the wrong reasons, under Obama. I mean he was almost singlehandedly responsible for negotiating a dodge of one shutdown. I rarely hear about her. I’d like to!


I agree - from a visibility or profile perspective she could have taken a year off and people might not have noticed.

And in the vacuum - others like Newsom have inserted themselves in the conversation to replace Biden (at some point).

Seems like these days prominent politicians need both a media team and the regular staff. Gotta show up in The House and on The View.


“With all due respect,” followed by a big grin, the audience tittered because it was obvious she was about to deliver a wallop.

She could have left it there and still gotten a big laugh at Dumb-Dumb’s expense, but I’m just as happy she delivered the coup de grace.


Ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy is a clown, and his complaints about President Biden all come clearly with a “This Message Approved by The Trump Campaign” sticker

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Why lash yourself to a sinking ship? It doesn’t make any sense.


He’s kissing up to the wannabe dictator in the hope that he’ll be restored to the Speakership once Il Douche regains power. It won’t happen in that unfortunate case for reasons that are obvious to us, but McCarthy’s as stupid as a bag of hammers (and a lot less useful).


Does she control what the media covers?

I guess so.

I believe she does.


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