VPN reccomendations

As I will soon be moving to Canada and wish to make accessing some things less of a pain in the ass.
What do y’all use for a VPN?

The ones usually recommended on the wilders forums are mullvad, boleh, and airvpn. I tried them all and settled on airvpn, though probably it is overkill (since it isn’t cheap, and I really only use it for security when I’m using an ISP other than home or work, though - confession - I used it to access CBC coverage of curling during the winter olympics). Windscribe, sometimes on sale at the BB store, is (a) modeled on airvpn and (b) Canadian, so might be worth a look.

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This includes its own pains in the ass, admittedly; but given the horrifically sketchy state of the VPN sector; I’d recommend going with one of the ‘router’ distros(or just a lightweight standard one if that’s your preferred flavor) running on a cheap VPS or VM instance in the appropriate jurisdiction.

That way you won’t need any dodgy apps; essentially all relevant OSes support standards based VPN types(you can also run a router as a VPN endpoint to avoid having to configure stuff behind it; good for devices that don’t do IPSEC themselves); and unless you are doing some fairly serious packet munging or very high data rates the CPU, RAM; and storage requirements will be tiny, cheapest tier you can buy level.

Yes, the hosting entity is still man in the middle; but someone always will be; and they are vastly less alarming than the VPN-pushers.

If you don’t feel like as much DIY, the commerical entity behind PFSense will charge you 1 cent per hour to run their image on an AWS nano instance.

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