Vtuber asks Robert Pattinson how he's able to take a dump in the batsuit

At 3:30. As you can see, his well known trolling nature in interviews can cut through language barriers.


This topic doesn’t get explored nearly enough. Here’s a fun math problem I like to use when I visit 5th grade classrooms:

At the battle of Gettysburg the two armies has approximately 370 cannons. That’s around 60 batteries of cannon. Each battery required 160 to 200 horses to pull the cannon and equipment (depending on the size of the cannon). Let’s go with 180 horses per battery as a middle number. So, what’s 180 * 60? That’s around 11,000 horses for the cannons.

The Union Cavalry Corps had around 12,000 horses, and Stuart’s cavalry had another 6000 or so. Including the officers in each army, it’s a safe assumption that there were more than 30,000 horses at the three-day battle.

Each horse produces around 6lbs of poop per day. How much poop per day altogether for the horses? Around 180,000 lbs. Over the course of the battle? More than a half million pounds of horse poop.

Humans produce a bit less than a pound per day, depending on diet, hydration and a few other factors. There were around 160,000 soldiers present. How much poop produced during the battle? As much as 480,000 lbs.

So in addition to the carnage, there might have been as much as a million pounds of feces left on the battlefield, especially when counting the run-up, the actual battle, and the aftermath.

History is fun!


War is shit.


poop GIF

Everything has a history…

Truth Facts GIF by BET Hip Hop Awards


What, you mean to tell me that Batman doesn’t have Kim Jong Un’esque “Total Absorb” abilities that negate the need to poop ala The Interview?


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