W says the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant GOP is "not going to win anything"

Fuck this guy, and fuck anything he says. He’s only worried because he helped build a fire that that now threatens to burn his own house down. And let’s not forget that the only reason this loathsome sack of entitled meat has been in the news lately is because he’s recently released a book of paintings and wants publicity. He only speaks out now for the benefit of his own goals and legacy. This man and those that served with him should be rotting in prision somewhere for the war crimes they committed.


And let’s also remember he was put in power by a judicial coup because the state of which his brother was governor threw out legal ballots.

It was shocking how quickly everyone seemed to forget how brazenly corrupt that was. After Trump and his coup attempt, nobody even mentioned this is the second time the GOP tried to take power through undemocratic means. The first time it worked. The rest of the world watched in stunned silence as Americans accepted that, but I guess it was seen as an anomaly and everything would be back to normal now.


W was merely a product of the Family Business {politics}… his father, of course was POTUS & had a long career in politcs… his father was a Senator & before that was a wealthy businessman who was involved in a plot to overthrow FDR, and {along with his partner} helped finance the NAZIs.
W’s brother was a member of PNAC, as was his future VP, btw.

They are no better than HWSNBN. They are merely more articuate & have better manners.



Or to put it another way, his dad was a president, he was a president, and now he’d like the GOP to still be electable, so that his descendants still have an easy route to power.


True enough, but I’m not a huge fan of aristocracies, either.
I don’t think serving in office should be regarded as a birthright.
No family should have that much power, either publicly or privately.


There are many truths about the U.S. that many of its citizens, maybe most, simply cannot incorporate into their conception of what the U.S. is. No matter how many times they hear them.


Unsurprising that they aren’t big fans of democracy considering that the last time they had a guy enter that office with a majority of the popular vote Max Headroom was still a pretty significant part of the popular culture.



Lindsey Graham, ever the profile in cowardice, is unsurprisingly offering a different take.