Waitress receives tip: God wants you to go home and cook


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Whatever happened to “Buy low, sell high”?


God is clearly on the side of the woman who wrote that napkin. Ain’t nothing but divine intervention that could let you write that long of a note on a napkin without tearing through.


I don’t know which part is worse: the blatant sexism and misogyny dressed up in appeals to religious tradition, or the fact that the author “cared” enough to handwrite it out on a napkin as opposed to leaving a Christian Bible tract disguised as a $20 bill, like other Mammonites do when stiffing waitstaff.


Ugh. So much wrong with this. Some days I miss waiting tables. This isn’t one of those days.


Or “stay out of show biz?”




The Watley’s

The Watley’s WHAT? The Watley’s dog, did their dog write it? Their plumber? Portfolio manager? Proctologist? I can’t stand it when they leave out the most important part. Now we’ll never know who this is from.


The napkin raises a good point. The waitress should have been serving someone who appreciated it, instead of some asshole.


I’m soaking in the broth of Christian Sexism, so perhaps I’m a little bit less sensitive to it. What got me the most was the different mis-uses of your / you’re.

I also wonder if they had a reason to know that she had a husband and children, since not all women do. I wonder what “The Watleys” (no apostrophe) think about spinsters working. Not that I care, I just wonder.


After reading this “note”, I’m left like this:


I’m going to call hoax on this one. It seems like a lot of effort on the customer’s part.


Nah, it’s all too believable; some of these people will spend actual money to get fake money that has “Believe In Jesus!” tracts on the reverse. This is just hand-crafted classism (with bonus misogyny) as opposed to mass-produced classism.


The following joke may offend some viewers, and I use the term not in the misogynist way it is often intended, but rather embracing it’s use in the way the English lads do, to describe the (clearly) male writer of this screed:



A fool and their time are soon parted?

I haven’t seen anything quite this bad but I have seen pretty bad and my restaurant had a lot more entertainment to keep customers distracted from doing stuff like this.

I don’t have any reason to suspect this is a hoax.


A long time ago, in a restaurant far, far away, I occasionally followed customers out the door and threw their tips back at them. I wonder if that napkin was big enough to wrap around a sauté pan.


If the customer wants to giver her enough money to enable that move, I’m okay with it.


Why were they at a restaurant? What’s going on, Mrs. Watley?!? Failing in your womanly duties?!?


Surely someone trolling.

No one can seriously use “you’re” incorrectly so many times.


Artisanal? No wonder it’s on Boingboing!

Now your just being ridiculous!