Wake up Sheeple!


zika/microcephaly and genetic modification:


The one where it’s women and people of color who are really oppressing white dudes by insisting on being treated as an equal. That one cracks me up every time.




Have you ever tried the rich though? Plutocrat Alfredo is amazing.


Really this is the craziest conspiracy…


I can’t find the Adventure Time one that really made me laugh, it said the lich appearing in several frames in place of Billy it was further proof today’s youth were being brainwashed into satanism. It was a channel I found very entertaining for a while.

Bonus points - it was a iPhone filming a TV with a person ranting about it.


People in Georgia and other parts of the Southeast actually believed the gubmint created fake snow as part of some conspiracy to… do something.




Ha! Good luck with that. I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time trying to collect $279 Trillion while looking down the barrels of Abrams tanks.


So, the banker in me glanced over that wall of text and couldn’t help but see the phrase “cured liens”.

Somebody copy/pasted badly: the term is either “secured liens” or “unsecured liens”.

It’s little things like that that help me understand the confusion in the mind of this type of person. They are easily scared, and terms which they don’t understand are interpreted as proof that something is being kept from them.


What’s his secret?


He lost his hair at a very young age. I’m putting on my evopsych propeller hat and saying that early male pattern baldness enhances longevity

Also, some people do better in makeup than others:

I remember watching McCarthy in the theater and thinking their aging makeup of di Caprio was rather grotesque and unrealistic. I can’t seem to find a photo that captures it, but there was a lot of places in the film where you could plainly see he was wearing at the very least a couple of pounds of prosthetics just itching to slide right off his face.


Cute, but sort of hand-waves over the animal/human? to monster evolution.



Earl Grey tea, hot.


Pfft…you and I both know there’s an enchanted portrait of Stewart somewhere in his house.


Its simple he just got his aging done in one go.



I love reptilian videos far too much for it to be healthy.