Wakefield Rural police in West Yorkshire threatens to prosecute anyone who mocks its epic drug bust


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Size doesn’t matter! It’s the little things that mean the most…


You’ll take your mocking; and you’ll like it.


I will mock you where I want and when I want, so say I.


From the wiki

The Malicious Communications Act 1988 (MCA) is a British Act of Parliament that makes it illegal in England and Wales to “send or deliver letters or other articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety”. It also applies to electronic communications.

… god, what a bunch of twats. Oh, wait, they may be distressed if they read that…


I hopped over to their facebook page real quick to have a look.
They are now experiencing some high level Streisand Effect.


LOL, no leaves on the trees and dark. I love the sarcasm.


“It’s how you use it.”


I’ve known a few coppers socially. ALL of them wanted drugs legalised.


Frankly, it’s amazing they even have the time to attend to such matters, what with the criminal badger trafficking outfit scourging the countryside…

ETA: Now actually having read that, wtf


Prosecuted for disrespecting the police - so that’s what “disorderly conduct” means.


It’s also not the most appropriate legislation to use in such a threat. If they knew their stuff then they’d be citing the Improper use of public electronic communications network - Communications Act 2003, section 127.

I mean… even that is unlikely to hold up to a actual attempt at prosecution but… it’s more appropriate.


What happened to that dry Northern humor?

I tells thee.


No wonder Doctor Snuggles kept a badger handy!


The “’I’ve got no evidence but more people suddenly have a lot more access to badgers” quote is an impressive combination of absolutely standard police epistemology with a sudden swerve into badgers just when you were expecting narcotics or knife crime.

As for having the time; it’s possible that showing potheads what’s what is more attractive than antagonizing paramilitary badger smugglers.


Oh right, pull the other one, mate. This story has Monty Python gag written all over it.


Malicious Communications Act 1988

I don’t know. It sounds suspiciously like the If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Then Don’t Say Anything At All Act of 1965.

PS: If there are any Wakefield folk out there interested in having a few Yanks on this side of The Big Pond leave some lovely messages on your cops’ Facebook page, then please speak up. Don’t be shy.


Badgers? Uh-oh.


In combination with the 1927 “Not In Front Of The Children” act.


Not clicking through.

What’s that obsession with badgers, anyway? Some time ago, badger culls were all over the British press, allegedly to “fight tuberculosis”.