Walking car design proposed


For use here on Earth i can’t see this being robust enough to be practical. The “legs” if built at the drawn size don’t seem like they could take much stress and i have doubts over how much torque it could offer. It might work for something more industrial/commercial though.


One of the assumptions I made is that these are electric cars using hub motors. I don’t think anybody does that currently because it means a lot of unsprung weight and a crappy ride but it is a favorite of Sci-Fi writers. If you do something else you need to figure out a way to transmit the power to the wheels through the complicated moving leg assembly. In practical terms that’s hydraulic motors, and if you’re doing that you might as well just use treads because the gas mileage is going to suck regardless.




My brain went here:


I wouldn’t mind driving around in a tank :sunglasses:


Now only if it came with Jump Jets and PPCs.


First thing that comes to my (immature, twisted) mind is to pull up to a fast-food drive thru window while the clerk is turned away and lift the vehicle so that it isn’t visible when they turn around.



Ooh! Now they need to remake Stephen King’s “Christine”.



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