Wamart to motivate workers by stopping Bieber and Celine soundtrack

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As someone who works in retail presently, you cannot underestimate the detrimental effects of a poor musical selection on the overhead speakers, especially when you’re trapped listening to the same album four or five times in the course of a shift. There were actually times I went to the manager and asked them to change the disc to anything–anything, I tell you!–other than the Frozen soundtrack.


I could never work in retail just for this reason. Why do they have to play the absolute worst music available?

Way back in the day (1982, I think) there was a station in NYC that played “love songs, nothing but love songs”. It was fucking horrible. Of course this was the station the restaurant I was working in chose to have on. Every time I was working, when no one was looking, I’d turn the volume to zero. That helped.


“We considered a living wage… HAHAHA not really, fuck these people, less than dogs anyway the government’s problem., hahah. mmmmhmmm, but seriously, we turn down the Bieber and Celine, they’ll call us heroes, and besides, if we need to adjust some employees, we turn it up again, then turn it down again and we’re back to being caring management types. It’s fucking great. Meanwhile we can market the fact of having DJ’s in-store, it’ll have the same positive effect as having Mickey-D in-store. Also, our customers don’t care what our employees look like (I mean, look at our customers, there’s even a website glorifying the worst of the lot) and it’s getting to where they can’t afford to wear what we tell them, so fuck it, let them wear what they want. Then we can fire them anytime at all for not looking neat enough or something too. Motivating employees is win-win baby!”


“Bieber and Celine soundtrack” constitutes cruel and unusual punishment!


“Let the fools have their tartar sauce!”


I’ve heard the radio station in Asda (the UK Walmart subsidiary) play “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, and “The Beaten Generation”. Nice for nostalgic fortysomethings (like me) maybe, but odd choices for increasing customer spending or worker motivation.

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I’m rather sick of music being unavoidably everywhere, so: Thank you!

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I don’t know if it’s just my local CVS, but it’s usually good stuff. Heck, the other day I heard G Love and Special Sauce – not your usual national chain pharmacy fare.

It’s not, you know, enough money to live on or health insurance, but as far as working conditions go, these are nice improvements.

When I worked in retail, we had the tape loop music track and there were certain songs that just grated hearing them 4, 5 times in a shift. I assume Radio Walmart is not a DJ in each store but one team of DJ’s programming for all of Walmart and this being streamed to all the stores.

Relaxing the dress code is nice, too, because if you live in jeans then you are having to buy extra clothes for work. I remember when I waitressed they had all these requirements for certain types of shirts and pants to wear, which all came out of my pocket - it was a big deal when I was making so little that I couldn’t buy the required clothing.

2 words - Christmas Music


Now I’m very thankful that my terrible retail work experience in college did not include a soundtrack.

Not an option everywhere in the US, but if you must shop at a chain “discount” retailer, but don’t want terrible music forced into your earholes, Target is the store for you.

Probably mentioned this before, but I had a summer job in 1998 where they piped in Heart FM.

Heart FM had (has?) the worst playlist ever. Ever day, for weeks on end, you could guarantee to hear both of these several times. And they were shit the first time. 17 years later and I still hate them.

At least one person tried to rebel, because the radio would occasionally change to Classic FM for a couple of minutes before getting turned back.

Silence would have been so much better.

Or wear your own headphones with your own music. Does quite wonders for me, when shopping in such stores.

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If America would just stop shopping at walmart, it would cease to exist.

Edit: is there a reason the headline and URL say ‘wamart’?

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Is there any word about buying American products again and motivating all American workers at the same time?

I really dislike that people do this. You’re far less likely to be paying enough attention to the other people around you to not be incredibly rude.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to our world. Welcome to our world of toys. Welcome to our world. Welcome to our world. Welcome to our world of toys!! Repeat until Cthulhu is summoned.

I had a good friend who worked in a retail shop that sold men’s jeans. They played the local Top 40 Country station. It would cycle through the same 40 songs endlessly. The cherry on top was Saturday when they would have the TOP 40 COUNTDOWN. This consisted of playing those same songs in order of chart sales. That all sounds like death of a thousand cuts to me, but notably better listening than what Walmart has got going on here.