Want to spend 30 hours in a coffin? Six Flags is looking for you

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Say, are coffins airtight?



Some astronaut is going to think, “Wait, only 30 hours? Sounds like an easy Gold Pass to 6 Flags.”


I don’t know what a Gold Pass to 6 flags is worth but even if you were guaranteed the $300 that’s only $10/hr… not exactly for people who value their time I guess.


getting to lie down in a dark quiet place sounds like my ideal amusement park ride, the park pass would be rather useless to me afterward. but i get paid much better than this to perform my near-catatonic duties sitting upright.


hourly six-minute bathroom breaks? Working in my cubicle for 8 hours is probably more intense. But either way you still have some schmuck timing how long you take in the bathroom.


Wanna win $300?

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Well who wouldn’t encounter their most desperate fears for a paltry $300? Some of us do it for free!

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I can’t wait to find out what kinds of interesting lawsuits are created in the fallout from this. Whole damned description reads like a questionably ethical psychology experiment from the 60’s.

Nah. Coffins aren’t, it’s the sarcophagus made out of concrete they drop you in, and the six feet of dirt on top of you that is air tight. Coffins are just expensive boxes that you look at unhappily for a few hours and then bury forever.


Hey! What could possibly go wrong!!


$300. They want to pay me $10 an hour to lay in a coffin. Add a zero or two and I’d consider it.

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Nah, they want to pay one of the six. That’s you only if your name is drawn at the end; or you’re the last one… standing? Sure. Standing.

If not, you did it for the season pass.

Right? How did any of their lawyers even sign off on this one?

Just provide a hole for the cell phone charger, and you’ll have a huge market.

Christ, I re-read it and that’s even worse. Six Flags market cap is sitting just below $6B, the best they can do is a free pass and $300?

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Yep. You don’t get filthy disgustingly wealthy by being generous.

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can they fill it with water??? and fill me with peyote???

wasn’t this the plot to a movie — oh, yes, it was

$300 is not enough — unless they add water … and drugs…


That’s like the worst paid job ever…

(minus hourly six-minute bathroom breaks).

Already a better deal than most jobs.