Want to work full-time to stop Trump? Quit your job, join an A-Team, and get $15,000 in seed funding


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Americans have always been good at grass roots politics. Which, while it’s proven to be a bit of a double-edged sword recently, gives me hope that the General Trump Disaster may not be long for this world. Wish somebody was doing this for Brexit here in the UK.


As much as I’d like to do this, and $15k is a generous amount to work with in terms of costs, it’s not enough of a cushion to cover expenses for 2+ people quitting their full time jobs. I just don’t see how this will springboard into paying a couple of salaries.


"What if my team doesn’t get picked for funding?

Please, find some way to keep doing it anyway. The world needs you."


Already doing it.


I’m surprised a “paid protester” joke hasn’t been cracked yet.

… I suppose I can’t come up with anything better than “oh, so these are where those ‘paid protester’ jobs are” …



And if I can’t defeat evil by building ridiculous combat contraptions while being shot at by hordes of armed men who are worse aims than original-trilogy stormtroopers, it’s just not for me.


I couldn’t even find them. :crying_cat_face:


Nothing markets to me quite like being told I’m terrified and my current level of activism is simple. Now I want to get up out of my chair and go get into that other chair, over there.


Hey, that $15k will almost buy you enough time to write all the grant proposals you’ll need to pay yourself while you write grant proposals to fund your A-team. /s

$15k can be a real boon to an existing and established outfit but quitting your day job to start up one on it might be ill advised.


Too much work.


“Quit your job, get $15,000,” is not just hyperbole. I think this kind of thing is called “fraud.”



OTOH there are existing “sub-tax war protestors” who refuse to earn more than the federal income tax threshold.

It can be done, but it generally involves living in a co-op.

Had a friend who used to volunteer doing the same job once he hit the threshold.



It’s also totally not worth it



I was considering this, but struggled to figure out what sort of project might be appropriate. It all seems a little nebulously described. I noticed that they curiously mentioned building a Tiny House as an example, which some consider activism in the context of protesting the exploitation of the home finance industry. But for most people that sort of notion of activism is a bit of a stretch. I have long had an interest in Urban Nomad design and thought perhaps my ideas for roadcase-based nomadic eco-village pods or new forms of kamishibai as tools for street-level public education might suit. But that too seems a bit of a stretch. Wish they offered a more concrete notion of exactly what they were looking for…


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