War criminal Henry Kissinger: "AI is the end of the Enlightenment"


Whenever people use that acronym, you’re got to pick from the language, the special forces or the airline.

But the novels seem to be something else, that refers to get another meaning of SAS


Wait, I’m still a little unclear… I wish Cory would stop being so vague about how he feels about Kissinger.


Cory Doctorow is a very scary guy. I agree with him so often that I’m worried I will soon stop listening to him altogether and just do whatever he says without question! Another great hijacker of my confirmation bias is Charles Stross, who claims that the first true AI has been the corporation. Cory now tells me that the former Secretary helped boot up that AI. Methinks that Mr. Kissinger is now just afraid of competition.


The U.S. government should consider a presidential commission of eminent thinkers to help develop a national vision.

You mean so the “U.S. government” can do a bang up job with “a national vision” on AI like they’ve done on Net Neutrality? As in misunderstand the important factors, and shill it out to corporate interests? Thanks Henry.


no - he just uploaded himself.


When the historical agenda is (and always has been) “powerful people want still more power”, then of course AI is going to be leveraged to that purpose!

Suppose “information age” meant that the ability to teach became more important than the ability to coerce?

This bit in particular stood out for me:

machine learning algorithms produce models whose reasoning is hard or impossible to follow, and computer science curriculum doesn’t spend enough time talking about ethical reasoning.

This is by design. If ethical reasoning were a priority, most of what we do would be called into question. It’s not just computer science, it’s law, architecture, engineering, finance, medicine… If something can be weaponized, it probably has. And that just a reflection of dandelion ecilogies and the morals they engender.

King’s “revolution of values” speech was 50 years ago, yet it seems just a relevant today. And that’s unfortunate.


What’s the colour of the boat house at Hereford?


A lot of people misunderstand where that came from. Back in the day search engines were mixing payed listing with actual listings with no indication. Google took the approach of making sure people understood what was going on. They considered what the other guys were doing as evil. Google does try to be open about what they are doing with data and how to get rid of it … if you are tech savvy and pay attention.

The whole don’t be evil was a lot more narrow than people assume.



I consider it evil to offer people control over their data which requires them all to be tech savvy when you well understand that so few are. This is not “Do no evil”, this is reasonable deniability.


There’s a boat house now? Lucky bastards…


Red brick, with blue and white paint.

(it was probably a harder question when Ronin first came out.)


Wait, I’m still a little unclear… I wish Cory would stop being so vague about how he feels about Kissinger.

Are there actual people who feel differently than Cory about this?


But Mr. Kissinger is so likable … what with the … and …

…never mind.


I think I’d rather have an Enlightenment argument with this guy:


I would happily trade him in for a few more years of Abe Vigoda.




Yep, that’s exactly what I do, and 98% of the time, I find exactly what I need. If I need more and DDG’s not doing it for me, then I’ll go to the Corporate Surveillance Engine but only when not logged in, or from a private browsing window. The CSE already knows enough about what I’m up to via my gmail usage. Oh, and I use Firefox pretty much always because I just don’t know if the CSE’s browser is sniffing what I’m doing and sending packs of info about me back to HQ. I just don’t know.


So that’s the reason President Trump is battling evil computers.


You do not simply walk into the boat house at Hereford.