Warrior nuns and body horror in the trailer for the BBC's "reinvention" of Dracula

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From the guys who made Sherlock? Awesome! I can’t wait to see a really entertaining first season that develops into outright contempt for the audience and pointless narrative choices!


Dollar for dollar, the most batshit crazy version of the Dracula story is currently the one season wonder NBC did in 2013.

It featured Dracula as a Tesla type scientist affecting an American accent, a rather sane large African American Renfield, Van Helsing as a maniacal plotter and only lasted 10 episodes.

With great lines from its final episode
Evil Villain Guy: Who are you?
Van Helsing: You killed my family
Evil Villain Guy: That doesn’t narrow it down at all. Can you give me a little more information?


Van Helsing: Amsterdam, 1985.
Evil Villain Guy: A little more, please.
Van Helsing: August, 1985.
Evil Villain Guy: /shrug
Van Helsing: August 16, 1985.
Evil Villain Guy: /rolls index finger forward
Van Helsing: The Van Helsings. My family were the Van Helsings. You killed them.
awkward pause
Evil Villain Guy: …and?


First Dr. Jekyll, then Sherlock, and now Dracula. Moffatt’s building a pretty good list of badly interpreted characters from classic literature. Is Dorian Gray next?


Can’t say I blame him.


Um… having contempt for the very people that make one successful is kinda the epitome of “being a dick.”

I’m glad Moffett isn’t a showrunner for Doctor Who anymore…


Three feature-length episodes only. Viewing figures will dictate if there are more episodes/seasons. But on past track record, yeah - not unlikely we’ll see desperate twists and non-credible turns in due course.


Based on what? I’m not intending this to be snarky, I’m curious if you feel the audience of Sherlock somehow treated them shabbily in some way to deserve the contempt I pointed to?

(and to be clear, I’m not being entirely literal when I say “contempt for the audience”–but I do think that the later Sherlock series were almost universally unpleasant to watch, and the narrative choices that ground down the characters (again and again and again, to no benefit in storytelling in my opinion) struck my as being contemptful of the audience who had come to care about them)

Audiences build their own expectations, and when the product diverges from those expectations people become critical and begin overlaying unrealistic excuses about motivation and intent (while also disregarding the massive production requires teams of people with their own needs and agendas that morph and skew the project).

I would also be jaded after being bit by the hand that feeds me, and unsurprised if that was also demonstrated in my work.



I mean, sure, I enjoyed the early seasons of Sherlock. Later seasons not so much. So I might give this a try, but I see nothing in that trailer that makes me sit up and bark. Not when the Watchman has started so strongly, and we’re still waiting for His Dark Materials, and Picard is coming soon, and I could go on, but there’s way too many good choices now for another retelling of a pretty tired old character (at least in my opinion).

Warrior nuns?

Was expecting:




or even:


I’m not disappointed, but I might be in an adjacent time zone.


I wonder if Moffat will cardboard-ify Mina and Lucy the way he’s “interpreted” other women characters?


I’m still waiting for a definitive Dracula based on the book. They keep trying and it just keeps veering off the rails. The book is quite good.


They did Love At First Bite, what more do you want?!


I’m not the only one who thought at first the nuns in that GIF were whipping out rulers instead of stakes, am I?


Penny Dreadful did a nice job with Dorian Gray.


If you make creative works that betray not only the source material, but also the characters you yourself have established and that your fans have grown to love, for no discernible reason, making the show nigh unwatchable, is it the fault of fans for criticizing you? Season 4 of Sherlock was pretty awful, and if Moffatt doesn’t like people saying so, maybe he shouldn’t be showrunning. This (long, long) video describes exactly why I’m less than enthused about Moffatt handling yet another prominent male fictional character.


PD had maybe a kernel or two of good ideas, and utterly crap execution and writing.

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I’m still miffed that they buried this show so hastily. I don’t believe John Logan that the main story had reached its conclusion. You can clearly see that the first episodes of season 3 set up larger narrative arcs and then suddenly after the mid season break they rushed the end.

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