Was Portland a Russian op organized on Facebook? Sure looks that way.

Yes, I think that is a big part of it. I mean, imagine living under the Soviet Union, and the turmoil after. There was nothing stable and comforting about the Soviet Union. Nationalism needs pride or it doesn’t really work.

The USSR demanded loyalty, without… I dunno, and anchor, a uniting factor. They tried to instill nationalism while taking away national identities, replacing the “nation” with idealistic foreign values that no one in power seemed to keep to, and that never seemed to work.

I don’t want to divert the thread further, but I think Putin saw that these people already had values. So why not make those values the national identity, and then nationalism will come naturally, with his face as a trademark; religion, hard work, prosperity, strength. It’s what has held the US together for much of our history, and made us so easily controllable. USA, one nation under god, mom’s apple pie, go and fight for Freedom!

To connect the dots to the topic, I think people with that perspective of “nation” might easily fall under the Trumpian sway and do something like this on their own. It has certainly worked with a lot of Americans, sadly.

Oh heck yeah, that’s kind of my point with respect to the guy who was the tool behind the Portland thingy. Easy enough to play to his hurt ethnic pride, to nudge him and give him just the right amount of tips and stuff. Nurture the feelings of resentment.

The Russians have gotten good at exploiting resentment, partially because they feel like they themselves have been unjustly labelled losers. To quote Terry Pratchett in Guards! Guards!:

Let the other societies take the skilled, the hopefuls, the ambitious, the self-confident. He’d take the whining resentful ones, the ones with a bellyful of spite and bile, the ones who knew they could make it big if only they’d been given the chance. Give him the ones in which the floods of venom and vindictiveness were dammed up behind thin walls of ineptitude and lowgrade paranoia. And stupidity, too. They’ve all sworn the oath, he thought, but not a man jack of ’em has even asked what a figgin is.

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