Co-founder of nudist anti-Putin group found dead in her Paris apartment

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And the guy who ordered it gets an invite to the White House.


But he’s a fine person…like all those “fine” white supremacists.


I finally got around to watching The Death of Stalin.
It should be required viewing for all humans of voting age.


She hanged herself after shooting herself in the head twice. It was a very thorough suicide.


And all of that after poisoning herself.


I would look for footprints. Moose and or Squirrel.

it’s a metaphor, not making light of the tragedy.

Femen group had nothing to do with Putin, but hey, we are not here to talk about the facts! Lebensraum is our game!

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Rasputin must be envious.

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Surely a coincidence. Maybe Donald can reach out to Vlad for a denial and then tell us that this is all fake news.


This is Putin’s reaction to the 2013-04-08 attack by Femen at the '13 CeBit in Hannover.

Make of this what you will; I say let the French cops do their job for now.

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This poor girl deserve better than lies. She was rejected by the current members of Femens, she made several suicide attempt and was going through hard times in Paris. She left a note for her friends.

What a tragedy. I wish Oksana Shachko could have kept up her protest for as long as necessary, because it’s clear from the state of Russia that Oksana Shachko’s work is far from finished. I hope others complete it in her name.


Or maybe the tragedy of her death can be used to draw attention to the many worthy causes she supported through her life. Things like championing women’s rights under threat of death from men, including Putin, that strangely seem frightened of nude women.


I’m inclined to think it wasn’t murder, at least by proxies of Putin - a suicide note would be counterproductive for that mob.

That’s why they use polonium and Novichok; the denials are intended to be completely implausible and are a mere formality.

(sic) Did you read the article ? … Libération is the number one french left newspaper. The Femens movement has been divided, some members rejected her and prevented her from accessing to the headquarters, she ended alone… But Putin is the problem ? Yeah, right… I’m lurking since 4 years, and this community can’t even handle facts from a irreproachable source, this is nuts. “who cares, let’s just “USE” her death for our agenda”. I can’t even imagine your reaction the day you’ll learn that many femens fondators come from far right ukrainians groups.



Her death was unfortunate and sad. And what’s worse is the support she lost in the end. If you or anyone you know who has had past issues with suicidal thoughts there are many avenues for you to reach out.

If you are in need of help, please reach out:
US: 1-800-784-2433, 1-800-273-8255, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR
Canada: +1 416-408-4357, +1 514-723-4000
UK: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90, +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92
International List: Suicide Hotlines -! Suicide Hotlines -! Suicide Hotlines -!

Just because the group she was a part of had disagreements does not invalidate their cause. Women’s rights is a international issue.

Feminism is such a universal cause people of all sides of the political spectrum and across all ideologies support it? That sounds like horrible news. Also, annexation of a portion of your homeland by a foreign power does seem like a strong reason to enter the political sphere.


Careful, you’re starting to sound like a femens fondator! :joy:



If it lies like a femens…