Wash-off reflective spray paint for cyclists

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Or lasts one day in the wet of Seattle :wink:
Could have some fun with stencils and the motorcycle helmet though.


…or you could just wear reflective clothing or a reflective vest that doesn’t require the spray-on rigmarole. Not sure why Volvo is trying to shoehorn its way into the cycling accessory business, but this nonsense would be laughed out of any bicycle shop.


This is one of those products that makes no sense whatsoever; it washes off when a cyclist needs it most, in the rain or other inclement weather?


As usual, Bike Snob NYC said it best.

Amazing how drivers keep outsourcing any and all responsibility.


I use it in the bathroom, for late night excursions.


Not if it was a Volvo™ brand bicycle shop!

That should work great on a dark, rainy night. Oh, wait…

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…even dog leads and collars.

How about the entire dog?


Let’s hope that use is no more than short-lived graffiti or a temporary paperweight. The ease with which we wash something from our skin, clothes, cars, whatever, is entirely divorced from the reality in which such materials shouldn’t be so easily cast off to the whims of water supply filtering or nature’s ability to break down manmade chemicals. Maybe, like those godamn plastic microbeads, it’s not a good idea to produce chemical shit with the full intent of simply washing it down the drain to let someone, somewhere else, take care of it.


I recently had this done to my bike, a permanent solution:

On a normal city street, the effect in practice isn’t quite as dramatic as it looks in the photo, but it does help reduce the nighttime ‘ghost bike’ effect (along with a proper set of lights, of course).


Will Volvo’s cars at least recognize it?


My mom is 82, forgets to put on her reflective vest and walks her small, black dog while wearing a long black coat, at night.
Why yes, she did get hit by a car just last year and had to have part of her shoulder replaced. If I could spray her coat so that cars can see her, I would do so in an instant.

It looks like Volvo is just house-branding product from Albedo100. Unfortunately, those fine folks don’t seem to condescend to provide an MSDS, so I’m coming up empty on what this stuff is made of, which would be interesting to know.

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