Washington is finally starting to do something about gun violence, just not about mass shootings

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Before this thread devolves into a debate about weapon choice or clip size (which it inevitably will, IMHO), let’s one-box this to get it in front of more eyes that likely skipped the link on the first page…

Men, you should read this and actually absorb it because it concerns you.


I wonder how much the exposure of the NRA’s financial corruption and ties to Russia have contributed to Washington finally starting to affress this. Sad that what broke the NRA’s power wasn’t that it was a far-right corporate lobbyist for a toxic industry and that it openly pandered to racists for decades, but that’s America for you.

Don’t forget the Nirvana Fallacy, that favourite of all ammosexuals who wet themselves at the prospect of their precious collections of masculinity totems being taken away.


In other words, gun violence isn’t a problem—it’s (at least) 5 different problems, with different solutions.

5? Oh, they included state violence. Nice. I totally agree.

They just need funding and support for resources like social work. And that might actually make a difference.

Absolutely. That would affect domestic violence, suicides, and criminal violence. One program I saw on the news locally is presenting conflict resolution programs to teens and young adults.



Oh, oh, and “there’s no such thing as assault weapons”. Don’t forget about that one.




Of course, like a mathematical proof, all the solutions eventually resolve into one - disarmament- unless you have a vested interest in making that solution invisible.


I think there are the more encompassing issues of misogyny and patriarchy that tie so many of the world’s problems together by intersection. Politics, capitalism, religion, tradition, etc. all need to be scrutinized for their misogynist contributions to the world’s ills, no matter the country or culture.


Load up on guns and bring your friends?


This touches pretty closely on the issues you’ve brought up in the past, where there was reasonable agreement that these issues 1) precipitate many forms of violence and 2) are sorely overlooked in determining what can be done. In that vein, I’m happy to hear such actions are being considered.

It’s only through a wide range of reforms, IMHO, that this problem goes away. Now on to the others.


This is a really good article, and I really, really wish that people would read it, understand it, and use it to inform their discussions on this board. Thank you for posting this! :slight_smile:

Sadly, it points out the complexity of the problem; and the need for a complex solution.

As opposed to a simple solution who’s only downside is it’s complete ineffectiveness; which seems to be preferred by many.

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