Washington Monument closed until after Biden inauguration after "credible threats" from Trump supporters

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I wasn’t expecting a big inauguration. Nobody should. Remember: The set of groups that support Trump includes the set of neo-nazi/far right/white power groups that the FBI regards as the most credible and probable terrorist threat to the USA.

The media has been normalising this for too long. I have no idea how to fix it, but America may not survive as a democracy unless it’s fixed.


Authorities know who they are, where they live, how they communicate and the color of their kilts.



I wouldn’t even expect the usual venue. My confidence in security agencies is extremely low. We’re still dealing with a pandemic. There’s nothing wrong with a small swearing in ceremony in a well-ventilated location with cameras rolling to capture the event for those who want to see it.

Hopefully, the misguided folks pushing the narrative that we should carry on like everything is fine will be overruled. Same goes for those who want a big event to send a message to the agitators and agents involved in the coup. I’m not sure we’ll really know who they are before Inauguration Day, so why set up anyone to be their next target?


That’s my hope - it’s the best method. The vast majority of America will understand why the ceremony isn’t public - there’s a pandemic on.

In a more normal year the lunatics might have tried to claim that “the authorities” were trying to avoid footage showing how unpopular Biden is - either through lack of crowds or to avoid seeing protest banners. But if the pandemic is specifically mentioned as the main reason for a private ceremony hopefully the swivel-eyed loons will reflexively switch to their “plandemic” bullshit, which carries far less weight with the average voter.


Or for the ones who will be checking for any missing magic words.


Zoom and DocuSign.


When Seattle had the autonomous zone my father’s sister, a FOX news 24/7 viewer, called my dad in a breathless panic that Seattle had split from America. She was crying. This wasn’t just political jib jabbing. She was having a full on panic attack.

After Trump’s brown shirts attacked America I called my dad to ask if his sister had called with the same breathless fear. Not-a-peep from her. All is great in Amerika I guess.

I don’t know how people can live with this level of cognitive dissonance.


“Through at least Jan 20.”

“At least” is an understatement I think. These clowns will be a problem for a while. Hell, they’ve been a problem for a while. Best to get out the roach spray.



I checked out the Homeland Security Website just to see if it might mention anything about the Trumpist threat… nothing. White national insurrection seems outside its jurisdiction.


Well folks, this is going to go on awhile.

Trump energized the shittiest of our neighbors, and they are going to keep hurling poop and inciting others to hurl poop.

And in truth, Trump is just the logical outcome of what Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have been doing for decades.


LBJ was sworn in as President aboard Air Force One at Love Field Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963. Place is not important for the ceremony.


Yeah. It’s interesting because donald trump and his whole admin is a massive threat to national security.

Just look at how they have been non-handling the pandemic response. It’s as if they want a lot of americans to die.


Not place, but due to all the Sovereign Birther Citizen Truthers out there, all the magic words have to be just right for the spell.

Not that getting it right will change the minds of the “Biden isn’t the real President because insert reason here” types. (“The flags had a gold border, so he was elected Admiral of the Fleet!”)


I mean, it is actually right there in the Constitution, and is the only oath they thought important enough to put in the Constitution. It’s not crazy that President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts wanted to get it right.


Yup. Seattleite here too, and every call from my folks in flyover country™ begins with “are you safe?” in loaded tones, not to mention this summer’s comments on Communist Seattle and no-go zones.

Yup, 40 years of increasingly incendiary right wing opinion media has done its job.

(writing from his bunker while fires blaze and Amazon is collectivized by the Party)


FBI says they have planned armed protests at all 50 capiltols, so maybe you can return the “are you safe” call to them soon. :confused:

No, but really, everyone stay safe.


May they tase themselves in the inaugural balls.