Washington Post: 16 negative stories about Bernie Sanders in 16 hours


So are all these donors not voting or something? 10x the number of small donors won’t matter if Hilary keep taking states away from him.


The Post has a circulation of less than half a million (and dropping steadily), while Salon has over 17 million unique monthly visitors. So,what was your point exactly? You can only get upset about articles that appear in a dying format?


New York Times: 73 million
Washington Post 70 million

Something called taboola is tops-- even outsripping google, so yay for “lesser news from around the web” and chumboxes,


Anti-Bernie stuff is 98% counter-factual hogwash, and anyone saying such crap deserves to be called on it. Anti-Clinton stuff is only 24% malarkey, and the MSM mostly has her back.


Unfortunately, the WaPo has tons more cultural capital than Salon has.


Bezos certainly did not buy the Washington Post so he could have first look at the job ads.


I wonder if this is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As far as I can tell anecdotally, negative articles about Bernie Sanders get shared quite often and have a ton of comments from supporters arguing the contrary. Then, articles like this spring up where said articles are linked and shared again… while on the contrary there’s less of an incentive to share positive articles… and this just snowballs as time goes on.

I think the MSM ‘evil’ here could be far more banal than some sort of organized campaign with internal “please promote Clinton” memos — could it be that they’re just seeing a trend and capitalizing on it blindly?


Maybe, but how do you factor in the tons of alternative-outlet positive Bernie stories that get passed around constantly?

Anyway, just look at who owns the corporate media, as well as the many well off people who work for it. OF COURSE they have vested interests in maintaining the status quo.


Well if you take the view that it’s possible for one candidate to be better than the other: One is right to do it and the other is wrong to do it. That being said, as others have pointed out there are critical differences. And again, Salon ain’t WaPo, not by a long shot. Circulation numbers aren’t what you look at in this day and age. Non subscribers will hit WaPo articles all the time. Finally Salon is commentary and solicits submissions in a way that WaPo doesn’t. It’s like compating National Geographic to The New York Daily News.


Were they posted in a span of 8 hours?

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