Washington Post made a good 17-minute video about the rise and fall of Paul Manafort

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Was this Hitler-ish YouTube thumbnail intentional?

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Of course Manafort is going to plead not guilty, because the alternative is to expose the Kremlin’s hand in all this and risk being assassinated by Putin.


One important additional piece of context for the Ukraine part of the story: Yanukovych, as he began over-reaching to consolidate his corrupt regime and attracting criticism from the West, found an affinity with his neighbouring gangster authoritarian Putin and became his sock puppet to stay in power. When they say Manfort is an “unregistered foreign agent of Ukraine” it really means working indirectly for Russia via his work for Yanukovych and via his connections with oligarchs like Deripaska.

Also, if anyone thinks that a greedpig like Manafort worked for Il Douche “for free” they’re fooling themselves – one way or another someone was compensating him, which is where the money laundering and tax evasion case comes in.

The gothic typeface for “WP”, the black-and-white, the monumental architecture, and the ominous looming figure do combine to give that impression of German fascism, especially with the red line going through it. It seems more co-incidental to me but the subject matter is someone who’s made a career out of enabling right-wing authoritarian leaders so I can also see it being intentional.


Possibly referring to the dark gray box around the play button in the center of the video screen, making Manafort kinda sorta look like he’s sporting a Hitler-style mustache.


Ooh! Does it have a montage sequence where Manafort, at the peak of his game, is trying on a series of overpriced outfits like Ken from Toy Story 3?


Just the fact that it takes 17 minutes to explain one of the top criminals connected to this administration, is bonkers. I am looking forward to the story of the other cronies, or maybe I want to spend my life on less bitter things.

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TFW you’re half listening to a youtube video and recognize your uncle’s voice speaking.

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