"WASTED," Mark Judge's memoir of teen drinking with Brett Kavanaugh, free at the Internet Archive

No problem. Someone has given a non-snarky answer to why it hasn’t been DMCA’d

But I still think it’s risky since the DMCA is usually applied when your users upload something - straight up copyright infringement is another animal.

Amazon has one copy left for $1749.99 . . .

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I honestly don’t care if it’s legal to put the book up. It’s not. But he has important information that the public institutions we have that are meant to work on our behalf are hiding. So, yes, it’s against copyright law and it’ll get taken down, but now we get to know what kind of privileged jock asshole they’re about to vote onto the supreme court.

I’m not on twitter, and no one fucking listens to me. I’m sick of living in a world where me and my daughter are not valued. But I’m sure you’ll find that a joke as much as you find me to be a joke. But that’s been par for the course around here lately, the so-called “resistance” to women asking NOT to be raped, assaulted, or dismissed… you know, being treated as a human being and all that, a stupid thing that’s clearly a joke.


Thanks for letting me know.

I agree it’s moral regardless of if it’s legal. However, I strive to understand the laws we are governed by, given that the government has a monopoly on violence it can be useful understand rules we may not agree with.

I’m listening to you right now :smiley:

Maybe follow some people like Xeni and Cory and comment on their tweets? You might find like minded happy mutants exist on Twitter too - we just don’t link all our nyms together for privacy reasons.

I’m sorry if that’s been your perception. I see a lot of posts by Xeni, Rob, Cory and others that are very ant-rape, anti-“the system” and lots of anti-Trump posts get lots of hearts.

I think you may be confusing my (mild) irritation that you veered off topic with irritation at the content of your post.

Just as an FYI, usually replies on a chain relate to the post above them - if you’d made your jokes outside the chain about weirs copyright quirks I would have simply faved them :slight_smile:

well, fuck.



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