"WASTED," Mark Judge's memoir of teen drinking with Brett Kavanaugh, free at the Internet Archive

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By the way, here is the yearbook entry for Merrick Garland, whom Senate Republicans refused to consider for a seat on the court during the last months of the Obama presidency.

I see no mention of Renate Alumni, Beach Week, Devil’s Triangles. I also see nothing about football or references to beer (or liking beer) No wonder Garland wasn’t considered acceptable by the Republicans.


What was that thing about “Ralph Club” or whatever?
Because I’m feeling it, every damn day.


I have said this before…the Senate had zero issues with Merrick Garland… it wasn’t about any Garland (Merrick or Judy or Christmas Trees).

It was about President Barrack “I am the anti-christ, evil, socialist, doom upon this world” Obama. Period.


It took me fewer then two minutes of skimming to find the first reference to BK getting puking passed out drunk.

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Thesbian? What is that some kind of gay? /s


Mind sharing the page number?


Really it’s about whom he would have replaced, Scalia. Putting a moderate on the court to replace Scalia would have shifted the court dramatically to the left. Heck, putting a conservative Gorsuch on the court in his place has probably shifted it somewhat to the left. In a similar fashion, replacing the somewhat conservative middle of the court Kennedy with a partisan hack like Kavenaugh will shift it noticeably to the right.

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I disagree. Because of Trump had nominated Garland, he would have already been in robes by now.

If Obama had nominated the clone of Scalia they’d still have blocked him.

It was about the evil black liberal in the White House.


wasted, as belatedly reviewed by the times.

We tend to judge memoirs of intoxication by how brightly the writer burns in the early parts of the story — the most memorable moments tend to occur as the moth’s wings have just begun to scorch. This is because the sober endings, the meetings in brightly-lit basements, are nearly always the same: uplifting for the author, less so for us. An exception to this rule is Leslie Jamison’s “The Recovering,” published this year, in which the writing gets stronger and stranger near the end.

(and the recovering sounds masterful.)

Look, It is quite innocent. It was 1982 and they were fans of Ralph Furley!



Not that I’m complaining, but how is it legal to just scan an entire book and put it on IA? I thought that was only possible with public domain works?

Um… good?


It’s not. How is it legal to assault women and end up on the fucking supreme court… but here we are.


There’s no obligation to keep the court right leaning. Scalia went and his replacement should have been considered at that time.

So how have they not been DMCA’d? While I agree with your sentiment, the joke doesn’t really answer my question…

Whoever owns the rights has to do it. It’s not automatic. Maybe they don’t know or don’t care or maybe it’ll happen soon.

What joke are you talking about? Do you mean the joke this country has become?


Thanks for the humor, but this is the second time in this thread you’ve made a pithy joke and not addressed my actual question. Maybe save the choir preaching for “resistance twitter” :slight_smile: ?

Thank you for your concern.

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