Watch 100 years of fitness history in 100 seconds


What…no Prancercise?

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Zumba: Not lame yet.


I like to shake my ass!!!

(I still just use one of these things)

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70’s Wins every time.

One (hyphenated) word: Trim-Jeans.

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When I lived in China in the early 2000s I went to a gym that had modern versions of those. They were quite popular with the ladies.

The 70’s were right about when my brain started yelling, “NOOOO”. Didn’t stop until we got to the 2000’s.

I quite enjoyed the 60’s segment, though.

Have we run out of things to do 100 years of in 100 seconds yet? What’s left… pork products? Dental hygiene?

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one can only wonder what 2020 will bring

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