Watch a brave kitty defend itself against a hungry coyote

Seconded on the cruelness of this video :frowning:

Two other points: I blame the “horror” of portrait video on the phone makers – almost EVERYTHING you do on a “smart phone” is in the portrait orientation. Also, phones are getting huge. Not exactly easy/natural to one-hand the phone and start recording in landscape. I’m guessing it would be tricky, but seems like phones could be made to take a “landscape” video while you hold the device in portrait orientation?

Second: In urban/suburban environs, I guess I’ll go with the crowd on the “cats should be indoors” concept, but in rural/agricultural areas, cats are often outdoors simply as a form of rodent control. Our cats are indoor only, but our area is patrolled by no less than 5 cats from surrounding homes. It’s worrisome, but they seem pretty happy out there… And, yes, some birds get taken, but the circle of life is pretty “red in tooth and claw.” We have coyote, foxes, mountain lions, etc., pretty on the regular. But I guess there are enough trees around so that “off ramps” are pretty available to anyone being chased by an Acme Rocket.

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A commenter below suggested that after the video stops, the cat in fact lost the fight. Does anyone have any corroborating links? I haven’t found any. I mean, that comment really bummed me out. I hope it was just a troll.

Hey, do you have any confirmation of this? I can’t find a single thing. As recently as last night, news articles were still saying the cat made it out okay.

Man, don’t troll me with this crap. Really put me off my stride all day today thinking about your comment.

Do I have confirmation the cat lost? No - I saw the video at 1:14 timestamp - look for yourself - the cat looses it’s grip shortly after dropping not onto the porch but into the same yard.

The cat was declawed - the reason it’s attacks aren’t doing anything to the coyote - also the reason it has a hell of a hard time climbing that railing - also why it falls. Whoever declawed that cat is an asshole - while I am neutral on the subject of declawing (if it gives a cat a nice home, vs. being abandoned or worse I just can’t judge people) - but if you declaw a cat for any reason - that cat can never be let outside again - it’s just defenseless at that point.

Sorry I’m not trying to ruin your day - I just see that cat drop - exhausted - with a pretty decent bite on it’s hind from the coyote already - into the yard where that damn thing is close and I don’t see how this ends in a good way.

That cat has a real chance of serious problems due to the bite alone, to me that makes this video cruel. We all hope that the cat makes it - seriously - but people are getting the wrong impression of this - at best I hope someone sees this and learns to keep their cats inside.


Exactly what went through my mind while watching the video. The cat was bitten and then landed in the yard, probably where the coyote was waiting. This is not a video of “how the cat escapes from the coyote”. And I don’t understand the reason/purpose/point of releasing such a cruel traumatic video.


*If you live in a coyote area

The desktop version of Instagram is Crazy huh.

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