Watch a cool kinetic light art installation

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It’s also an excellent documentary film festival that I work for. We should ask the artists if we can display this work

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I could sit in front of that and live up to my nick for days at a time.

Can anyone tell me enough about that mechanism to google it? It appears that the individual vertical pixels on a column are somehow addressed solely by rotating the base, but I’m stumped as to how.

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It works similar to a Solari board.

That display (or one very like it) would be a great place to display this music video
Ochestra Baobab - Foulo

Hi Moriash, your assumption is right. While the visual appearance might be similar to a solari board or split flap display the logic and mechanic behind it is quite different. As you realized, the modules are not able to turn and move individually. Its just the bottom part that turns and by using a clever algorithm we are able to turn the elements left/right to generate every constellation. By doing that though they all have to move together which generates the beautiful and mesmerizing moving patterns shown between the transitions and the algorithm at work.

If you are interested in some more background info. There is a post at CAN about it here:
as well as a video with some behind the scenes shots that show some early prototypes.

I’d found the behind the scenes video, but that article was new. Thanks!

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