Watch a crushed Life Saver emit light at 28,000 frames per second


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Is “Life Saver” 'Murican for Polo Mint?


First of all Wintergreen Lifesavers are the best lifesavers (boo mint). Second of all…

When I was a kid we looked for the flashes of light by looking in the mirror in a darkened bathroom and didn’t have any fancy high speed cameras to record it, we had to rely on our memories!

Also you can do a similar thing ripping a new piece of duct tape.


Fun fact: triboluminescence and tribadism share a common root: the Greek tribein, to rub.


I recall Schulz’s rather hamfisted attempt to teach science most of all:

[quote=“hhype, post:3, topic:100258”]Also you can do a similar thing ripping a new piece of duct tape.[/quote]That particular embodiment can take on exotic qualities:


This is not going to help with the whole Light Saber/Life Saver confusion rampant among 6-year-olds…


Damn, I forgot about the x-rays. Only experiments in atmosphere for me.

Or… a science fiction story where an x-ray photon drive is created from a flywheel with tape on it continuously ripping to provide the X-rays for thrust. The flywheel provides the gyroscopic stabilization also. It could be driven with a bicycle. Ancient Rome punk X Gearpunk (no steam) spaceship with bicycle instead of galley slaves in rows driving the flywheel.

Also remember the Kzinti lesson that any powerful enough reaction drive is also a weapon. Sticky Lux Ballistae anyone?


So… how do you know?


I appreciate the dramatic foley, and that it is credited and explained in the video. “Slo-mo audio” is an unfortunate myth unintentionally propagated by quite a lot of well-meaning documentary/pop-sci video makers.


I’m just going to assume it was a lost bet.


Polo Mint (1916) is actually the British vernacular for Life Saver (1912).


Oh, now this is a story we all need to hear.


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