Watch a dad clean filthy baking sheet for "ahhh" moment (video)

Can you “bake” with the laser, and forgo the oven altogether?

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Those are lovely, this is the ubiquitous wild variety:

As you say, overconsumption bad, possibly kidney stones too. Same sour as rhubarb.


… Look, if I’m going to use power tools on my cookware, it’s going to be a green scrubbie on a triangular (or sheet) sander. Or a drill with a wire wheel chucked if it’s really, really bad and I can’t write it off as a loss. /silly

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People saying parchment paper (or aluminum foil) aren’t wrong, but I cook a lot of bacon in these sheet pans and the grease eventually gets on the pans. The easiest way to clean these pans: power washer with narrow spray attachment. If I can accidentally destroy my deck with focused water, I can certainly clean a metal pan.

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