If you bake, you ALSO need a silicone pastry mat


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There was a missed opportunity here to make a diagram of the solar system. Or possibly the electron structure of strontium. The bits in the corners already vaguely resemble satellites and asteroids, after all.


Fantastic idea! I’d rather have yours!

My sisters and I have been getting into no-knead bread. An incredibly simple way of turning out crusty, tasty loaves of bread.

The process is messy, though, particularly the “dump dough on floured board and fold in corners” step. It requires a LOT of flour on the board simply to prevent sticking, which can end up coating the finished loaf in unpleasant ways.

A thinner layer of flour on one of these might be the solution.

Another tip: If you have cutting boards that have a tendency to scoot around the counter, you can also use your silicon mat under them for traction.


I have an ancient (30+ yrs) tupperware plastic pastry sheet that should be retired… This looks like a nice modern upgrade.


This looks like it would also be great for pottery projects that are hand-molded (as opposed to thrown on a wheel). Toad houses, coffee cups, and other items benefit from an even, uniform size.

I think I’d get a second one just for baking, though.

Or the levels of Dante’s hell.


Egad. Who needs pizza THAT accurate?


They also can be used just like the fancy ones to bake on.
I have different kinds - 2 Martha Stewart & 1 Wilton, all thin and flexible like the one above, and 2 different sized Silpats like in the first silicone mat post. I use the thinner ones for just about anything that calls for parchment paper, and the thicker Silpats for roasting and toasting stuff without having it stick to the pan/sheet.
The Martha Stewart ones, bought years ago on the cheap from an odd lots store, are incredibly useful for baking, because they have the circle and ruler measures on one side and spacing for a dozen cookies on the other.

My 7 year old daughter.

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If you can’t figure out how to evenly space a dozen cookies on a baking sheet, you shouldn’t be allowed near dangerous equipment, like ovens :smile:

I have a cheap-cheap[co-worker’s kid’s fundraiser catalog item] silicone mat and it always bunches up beneath whatever I’m baking. Is that a side effect of the cheapness, or will any non-silpat do the same thing?

I tend to weigh down the top corners of mine to ensure it doesn’t slide on my counter top. Seems a function of the tile my counter being slick and the silicone, different surfaces may perform differently.

Yeah, well, okay.

I like your gadget posts, but I would appreciate it if you stopped telling me what I need :wink:

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