Watch a great white shark force its way into a diving cage

Can we all just take a moment to note that “a great white shark trying to force itself into a diving Cage” is no laughing matter? He’s been in some wacky movie roles but that doesn’t diminish the importance of consent.


We’re gonna need a tighter cage.

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Hmm, look at the other cage at around 1:12, hope everything is ok there too…

When sharks feed, the prey’s blood can come out of the gills. There isn’t any real barrier to liquids passing from the inside of the shark to the outside, just filaments that pull the oxygen out of the water. So it’s probably the chum blood, not the shark’s.


I gotta say, I’d never work with that boat crew. Once the shark was clear of the cage, they have a duty to get someone in the cage and see what’s going on. Grab a mask and jump in. Don’t just wait and see if the guy can get himself up and out.

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