Watch: A group of cops in New York beat up a man riding a bike after curfew

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Even if he was (non-violently) resisting, I’d argue pounding him into submission still wouldn’t be justified. Sometimes you’d be better off trying to talk him down or even just letting him go.


Remind me again - what crime is punished by being beaten with clubs, on the spot, by civil servants? I can’t think of one.


The crime of standing up for the rights of folks who are murdered by cops. If you don’t bleed blue, they’ll make you bleed red. They just waited until curfew hit to give them the tiniest, flimsiest justifications for starting their riots.


Even if he DID a worse crime it’s not their job to find him guilty and punish him. Countries normally have courts for such a thing.


This doesn’t look like a police force that’s properly internalising the message of these mass demonstrations.


The national conversation so far:

Society: “Hey police, we understand that you need to use force, but we need you to stop being disproportionately violent toward black and brown people.”

Police: “Huh. Weird, but I think I get it. From now on we will embrace equality. We will now be excessively violent toward everyone!” [Smacks a white passerby with a baton.]


Here’s another example of New York’s Finest doing their thing:


I’ve been amazed that it’s (apparently) legal to enforce a curfew by pulling people over while driving in their car or, in this case, riding their bike. While the entire concept of the curfew is fucked it seems especially fucked that it applies to people using a form of transportation, to, presumably, leave the city/go home/not violate the curfew.


Some fare collections for New York’s Finest Taxi Service are more difficult than others, I guess.


You’d think maybe mass shooters? But. How many mass shooters have we seen taken peacefully into custody. Alive. Unharmed. And even given a Burger King King-size order and milk shake?

But ya know. Those guys were misunderstood white guys. So totally fine.

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This is in that twitter thread. Who knows if it is real…


Yeah, I’m not going to jump at the thinnest bit of possibly exculpatory tweeting.

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Posting this thread again because apparently it broke somewhere around incident #200. Here’s the bottom of the thread (it seems it’s easier to scroll through long Twitter threads from the bottom up) at the time of writing, with incident #261.

ETA: someone took all these incidents and put them on an interactive map –


Actually couldn’t watch it. I have hit overload.


The beatings will continue until morale improves.


And given that the NY cops were, in numerous instances, actually trapping protestors so that they couldn’t escape the area before the curfew started, we even have to ask why it was he was out after curfew. (Also, the cops have been seriously assaulting essential workers who had a right to be out after curfew. They don’t give a fuck.)


This is popping the inverted reality bubble- these protests have finally driven to the open en masse the rats of the blue uniforms, cowering before the exterminator, as they show their true colors as animals to the nation.

I hate comparing people to animals that doesn’t normally sit well with me, but the cops who are responding to peaceful protest about police brutality with more brutality really are nothing better than animals and showing people what they really are like so that it’s indisputable any longer that this is normal behavior for too much of America.

NWA was spot on- FUCK THE POLICE.


It’s going to take a while to reduce structural inequality, b/c it’s been in place for so long. Unfortunately, financial inequality will be the most resistant to change, and one of it’s defenses is the police. As long as an unrestricted market is held as the most important thing in America, good luck with making any real change.

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