NYPD wants to make "resisting arrest" into a felony


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Well, the NYPD should really get on this… since the post linked to is from a year ago.


Kinda sounds like you are resisting.


Better invest in some skin softening creams so you don’t accidentally harm the officer’s fist when he punches you.


Here’s a better idea: make false arrest a felony.


Sounds good. As long as they also make lying about someone resisting arrest a felony, with a minimum sentence double the maximum sentence for resisting arrest, and make it so officers’ testimony has to be backed up with bodycam footage. I mean, anyone who has a problem with that is clearly planning to misuse this law.


cop: “You’re under arrest”
person: “Why’re you arresting me?”
cop: “You’re resisting arrest”


NYPD going in the wrong direction. Not uncommon.

We must increase removing felonies from the laws and begin mass amnesty and expunging. These bullshit felonies are destroy peoples lives and has created an underclass. The police are a super class with effective rights to beat, kill and do anything else they want. The police have become a legalized criminal gang. It is time to put the harsh magnifying glass of the prosecutorial system on the police until they understand they are one of us not over us. The police have become animals. I wish they would join humanity. If they continue to act like animals the only place for them is a cage.


Outstanding. (sneer) They haven’t thought it through. Whenever misdemeanors are exaggerated into felonies, there are fewer disincentives to genuine felonious behavior . If resisting arrest becomes a felony, cop killings will escalate accordingly.


Former officer Peter Liang. What he did was a felony.


so, working as planned. Gotta be at war with something or people might stop following orders. /s


It puts the lotion on its skin…


Rarely does one see a story that so perfectly embodies the phrase “Fascist pigs”.


yes, that’s basically how this works.


A resisting arrest charge is the adult equivalent of the teenage bully’s “stop hitting yourself”


Well, it’s more relevant now that Scalia is dead. If it went to SCOTUS, this would be a slam-dunk.



I’d like to make the act of surrounding a person on the ground thus blocking cell phone cameras and shouting “stop resisting sir!” while clubbing someone.

As always: fuck the police.


“Hey guys, you know what works to prevent crime… Pass more laws!!!” Said no one logically thinking ever.


Judge Dredd will approve.