Watch a jaguar play underwater


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Not up there with the real hardcore marine mammals; but I certainly wouldn’t want the continued integrity of my throat and/or soft meaty underbelly to depend on outmaneuvering that thing underwater…

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He looks so cute in those tiny cement shoes!

“Unnatural environment”?

Jaguars enjoy swimming, and are quite good at it. Nothing ‘unnatural’ about it.


Came here to say this. Cat = hates water isn’t so much a universal truth.

And just for fun, here you see a jaguar swimming through a river to kick the shit out of a caiman:

A buddy of mine had a house cat that would leap into the sink and stand under the faucet, staring relentlessly at you, waiting for you to turn on a thin trickle of water that it could then luxuriate under.

It was kind of a weird cat.


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