Watch: A man carves out an incredible home from the side of a mountain

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This post is less then an hour old, you should really give the content creator the views instead of the click farm YT channel that looks like it stole a bunch footage and re-edited it for views.


That’s amazing, but I worry for the poor man’s vision and hearing. He needs some safety glasses and ear plugs!!

I watched the whole thing, and I’m really impressed with how hard he’s working on it.


Boss level: Achieved!

That was really awesome to watch, Makers of the World Unite!


He uses simple tools like a jack hammer…

A common item in everyone’s garage.

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I am exhausted just watching this!

I wonder where all the spoil went.


And a better mask! Though he seemed to find it when he started on the kitchen. I can’t help feeling he was rather hungry by that point.

Boy, you’d really, really have to be dedicated to the idea of a cave-house to do this, as it would take a lot less time, be cheaper, and give you a larger house to construct one via tradition methods. Though this cave could potentially last a lot longer than a traditional house…

Seriously. And I’m thinking about what good shape he’d be in after a year+ of wrestling all power tools and hunks of stone, too.

Watching his various videos, he’s just dumping it right outside. Some went to building up the terracing around his front door, and some went to building the driveway down the hill to the nearest road.


I got one in mine. Everyone doesn’t? I love the spade chisels for dealing with hardpan clay soil.

I got to visit a place like this in the red stone canyons of southern Utah. Love this whole build style.

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He used ‘trash’ cored rock sections to help move heavy parts around! His trash became tools!


Landfill. It’s a virtuous circle - in keeping with Yin and Yang.

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55 days before he had a front door… Sounds right for your average minecraft player.


Yes, most of his videos have around 10k views, them this aggregator video has over 30M views.

Kinda sad.


The original content is:


I remember when I carved my first incredible home out of a mountainside. Boy was it a lot harder than I thought it would be. All that rock and stuff sheesh.


You want build this in your garage? Kind of defeats the purpose. I bet there’s more people that own a jackhammer than own a mountain. This stuff looks like sandy clay. I don’t know how it will handle earthquake prone China, though there is some history of modern day cave dwellers there. See Yellow Earth set in Shaanxi.

I see people doing incredibly cool stuff like this, and I start to think that I have wasted my life.

I have wanted to do this sort of thing since I saw a programme about Australian opal Mainers that live in the holes they have dug…

Closer to home for me are the Chiselhurst caves…


Yeah, I know what you mean. Those dugouts in Coober Pedy really awaken the troglodyte in me. I’ve been there twice and each time I’ve had to say WTF am I doing here. Way out in the Great Stony Desert - that country is so harsh - it gives deserts a bad name. I almost bought a dugout in nearby Andamooka but just last week settled on an (above ground) place in outback Queensland - ironically, still in the opal zone. Decent dugouts are not cheap though. For those who are interested peruse this real estate site. Some interesting pics.