Watch a man crack a the world's longest whip. Then watch him dual-wield fire whips


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Iron Man is so screwed now.


It’s like if Judge Dredd lived in the Wild West.


This seems like something I should attempt at home.



I was waiting for Gandalf to show up to tell him he was not allowed to pass.


Dammit I was too slow :slight_smile:

Plus your gif is better than my video clip.




“My First Fire Whip”, from Mainway Toys!


Excellent visualization of the bathing suit cop thread.


As a bit of a ‘crack-addict’ myself, I have to say Adam Winrich is a master. I made one of his DIY whips a few years ago. Easy and cheap and highly recommended for anyone wanting to get into crack.


Oh hey! He performs as Adam Crack and has been a regular feature at our Renaissance Faire (Bristol) here for many years now. Cool guy - go see him in person if you get a chance.


Came here to post this exact thing. Seen him a bunch of times there and he’s really a hilarious guy.


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