Adam Savage shows off his bullwhip collection


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Um, oh forget it…


Nice to see that Bullwhips are now being made out of nylon; making them out of cowhide just seemed to add insult to injury.


Paracord is the go-to medium for cheap and effective braiding. Cowhide does not a great bullwhip make. Kangaroo hide is the best material by far.
I’ve been a crack addict for about two years.


That was probably one of the most fun to me skills I picked up at a juggling festival.


Oh, snap


Did you have to drink/get-sprayed-with copious amounts of Faygo?


Are you aware that juggalOs are a completely different subculture… DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT?


hah hah hah.

#Yeah, no.



Once you get past the flaying-yourself-to-shreds bit, and get the hang of it, it really is very addictive. And divisive. Some people love the crack of a whip, others loathe it. I’ve yet to meet someone in the middle.


You were about to Mapplethorpe this thread, weren’t you?

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