Watch: A seagull lands on a teen's face during a thrill ride at an amusement park

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It looks more like the bird was in flight when an unexpected human crashed into it! I’m glad both the bird and the human were okay!


That poor bird, traumatized for life.


I won’t link to pics of it because there’s blood but remember that time Fabio was on a roller coaster and had his face smash into a flying goose?


“I can’t believe it’s not foie gras”



Do Gen Zers even know who Fabio is? :thinking: :disappointed_relieved:


Sad, but true.


Been on that exact SpringShot numerous times. Lots of great videos come from there.

The bird appeared to impact in the most comfy position possible, wings on the padded restraints, head cradled in her neck - very lucky.

Real Talk: This is could have gone wrong very easily.

You may have heard about the one where Fabio was injured on Apollo’s Chariot in Bush Gardens: Williamsburg in 1999.

Later in an interview, Fabio states that it wasn’t the bird that hit him directly. Bird hit the mounted camera, and the camera debris cut his face. I know there’s an air of comedy when this story is mentioned, but this is a very real safety issue that is preventable.

The ride was a “Hypercoaster” meaning it passes the 200ft tall mark. While the camera rig isn’t normal, the lack of bird remediation on the attraction was an outstanding oversight. Even without a camera rig, you still have the same problems.

The video link is highlights of Fabio doing promotions for the attraction, going on the ride, and returning with a bloody nose. It does not include footage of the impact.

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Yes, I think the headline should something like: Human launched into the flight path of unsuspecting water foul, all’s well that end’s well.


It may have been a foul act but the bird is fowl.

But she was lucky she didn’t have any chips (fries) - that bird would not have been brushed off so easily if she had.

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And thus began COVID 2021.

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