Watch a student pilot lose engine power and land safely in a field

True. But he didn’t use much of that grass field. He would not use the engine much on a normal approach and landing, so it would have felt familiar, but with no option of gunning the engine to abort the landing and go around for another try. And of course the worry that the grass might be a flat as it looked. But he kept it all together, so good job.

A close analogy might be having a blow-out on a motorway. Don’t slam on the brakes, signal to let others know what you are doing, and make for the side of the road. If you keep your head, and move gently it feels a lot like ordinary driving and the risks are low.


Beutiful example of a dead-stick landing.

As long as you have altitude you can trade it for speed and stay in the air long enough to find a good place to land.

Brown trouser territory on any unknown field though.


He forgot to give his call sign before say, “Holy shit!” :grin:


The now legendary “Gimli Glider”; a Boeing 767… no engines:


Nicely done to the student pilot, practically textbook. I doubt I would have been as collected during my SP days; more cursing, for one. Was he able to get his flaps to 15 degrees?


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