Watch a young black female coder interview the stars of Hidden Figures


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I saw this movie last weekend and it was excellent. My wife and I go to see a movie every weekend, and this is one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while.

Great story, well acted, excellent set design, and Kevin Costner playing the role that he always plays.


This is wonderful.


Costner dusting off his Father/Coach/Boss role? The part he was born to play. I sort of joke, he obviously does it well though i’d like to see him play different characters with more range.


A superhuman mailman?


No, a fish-man who loves baseball.

ETA: It’s a little-known fact that ALL the characters played by Kevin Costner had gills behind the ears. It just usually isn’t a major plot point in the story. One exception is the extended Director’s Cut of Dances with Wolves, in which his character warns the Lakota of an impeding attack from the Union Army by swimming several miles up the Missouri river past a series of Calvary outposts.


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