WATCH: Ahmed Mohamed's awesome press conference about being a rogue clockmaker in America

Well… Former classmates, assuming he’s successful in transferring to a different school.

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Yeah, those guys. The ones who are taking all this in and learning something from it.

Not a whole lot of authoritarian credibility left on that campus.


Great that he recognises the significance of the world-wide STEM community that took a stand to help him, and thanked them.
It’s unfortunate, then, that he repeatedly talked about patenting his inventions, and made no mention of the Open Source Hardware / Open Source Software movement.
Oh well, so much for community…


Maybe it’s the American Dream; all about the community when you’re down on your luck, then go for self-interest once striking the gold.

A friend of mine who was in the Fusiliers is similarly scathing. ‘US Marines? They’re no better than the Devon & Dorsetshire Regiment’ is his favourite.

There was reportely a joint exercise of local and US forces. And there was a snag; the kitchen did not arrive.

Local soldiers made a fire, took canned food, dibbed holes in the lids with can openers, and put the cans into the fire. Americans watched, learned, and did the same - but apparently missed, and skipped, the can opener step.

One had to be evacuated with cut eyebrow after the can exploded.


“That’s good work, boys!”


This is a slightly different issue. My own army contacts view the US Army as very fit, highly trained, with excellent equipment, and with a total disregard for human life.


If they thought it was a bomb, why didn’t they evacuate the school?


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