Watch an octopus disappear into "quicksand" on the sea bottom

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my boss when he has to decide something unwanted

eta (after finally reading the article)

They found that the animal used its arms and mantle to push the sand away and form a burrow. Finally, it secured the walls of its new home with a layer of mucus that kept the grains of sand together so the entire thing maintained its shape.

A snow sand fort! <3


Hey cool, I beat Boing to this over in the gif thread.

Oh no I didn’t. Broken time stamps on BBS on my tablet.

“Hello, I’d like to add you to my…”


I must admit, the octopus is one of the few organisms that forces me to consider the possibility that obligate-multicellular organisms might actually be capable of coolness as yet underdeveloped by my colony-organism brethren.

Not that we aren’t working on it, of course.


Excuse me, but 'Merica has an entire Congress of people who are sentient, spineless, cold (and sometimes wet) beings who will affect any possible disguise to avoid others.

Oh, you were talking cool factor


“Holy shit Jay, what is that fokken thing?!”

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