WATCH: Octopus takes a stroll while clutching empty coconut shells


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Squidward has taken up the castanets.


He doesn’t need anything but this coconut shell. He doesn’t need you, just this coconut shell. And that’s all he needs. He doesn’t need one other thing. Oh he needs this other coconut shell. Just this coconut shell, and this other coconut shell. That’s all he needs.


Cuing Monty Python in 3…2…1…


So the coconut was not carried by swallows after all!


Squid has memorised entire passages of “Holy Grail”.


“Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.”


clearly he’s carrying a couple of shells full of sea water back to his pad for reasons only an octopus would know.



I was really hoping to see the octopus pull the shell closed around itself.


Evil. Pure and simple.


But is it an African or European octopus?


Congress needs to vote and declare that this is not walking.


Maybe it’s gonna go audition for the Unipiper. He could really use a good coconut foley artist.


Cthulhu Babies


As soon as they figure out the pickaxe and discover magnesium, we’re screwed.


Are you saying coconuts migrate?


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