Watch ants weirdly circle an iPhone when it rings

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I wonder if they’re sensitive to the electromagnetic field around the phone…


My first bet is that the vibration wigged them out. They tried to route around it, and fell into the flow.

But I would love for someone to do science to it.


Cue the freakout!

Obviously this proves the reality of the Reality Distortion Field™.

Any intelligent person knows that the NSA and Apple have been working on this for years, all based on sample devices found from the Grey’s spaceship in Roswell. Steve Jobs was the first to receive it’s benefits, but not all the kinks were worked out so it also gave him cancer. Obama has been using the new and improved version for the last few years.

Wake up Sheeple!!


That happens to me when I fart at the gym.


The ants seem to be able to cross over each other without a change in speed or anything. The comments on Youtube claim it’s fake and an Aftereffects effect, and I’m inclined to agree.


Love the free-thinker on the phone itself. Lil’ dude’s all like “Why ya’ll goin’ in circles?”

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Now that I know the secret I can rule the world! It will be at the mercy of the six-legged denizens under my control!

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I agree on it being faked. I am pretty sure I see a mirror effect in that looping GIF. You can see “ants” that are crossing the flow towards the phone come in from both sides symmetrically.


I feel sorry for that sole ant that was on the phone. It looks like it was wigging out. It probably was like “WTH THE WORLD IS ENDING HALP!”. :smile:

Did BB add the quote from the insect biologist late? Ants will run in circles around things that are not phones. Phone = not very relevant.

I object to the time-lapse video of worshippers at the Al Masjid Al Haram mosque.

That is completely uncalled-for, and the implied comparison is beyond insulting. What arrogant 12-year-old thought that was a great idea?

Stirring a pot that’s already in flames — disappointing lack of judgment as well as cultural sensitivity Donald Trump could approve.

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Yeah, it’s a low-quality video, but the movement of the ants looked very After Effectsy to me, too.

It seems to me that praying to any god and kissing a filthy rock is just as pointless as blindly following a scent trail.

And honestly, I find your disapproval of the pot-stirring cowardly and unfair.

We get to make fun of christianity, judaism, mormonism, buddhism, hinduism, zoro-astrianism, thor, odin, loki, the flying spaghetti monster, satanism, wicca, new agey deist spirituality, the list goes on. Why shouldn’t we make fun of islam while the rest are up for ridicule?


Good catch! Either that’s precise radial symmetry or they’re square dancing.

Also, another thumbs-down for the Islamophobia. We can get that over at if we want some.

Islam is a superstition like all the other religions. No reason to hold it in a special category. Nothing -phobic about it.


Well, there’s one reason to treat it as special case; plenty of folks want it to have sacred cow status, some so bad they’re prepared to kill for it.

Fuck. That. Noise. My dick is a likeness of Mohamad.


It’s a matter of how you do it and with what intent.

I’m about to give up on ridicule as a form of communication. It’s cheap, dirty, and easy. Save it for when you want to hurt someone and you don’t care how.

It doesn’t matter what your own spiritual orientation is, if any. When you go after other peoples’ indiscriminately, especially in a belittling way, you are attacking something that gives their lives meaning. Why would you do that? Because you want to make the world a better place?

Comparing religious teachings that have many hundreds of millions of deeply sincere adherents with the Spaghetti Monster suggests that you don’t live life very seriously or thoughtfully.

If that’s the case, it isn’t your place to advise people who do. Likewise, nipping at their ankles isn’t very becoming to you.

I don’t follow any religion myself, if you are supposing that’s my stake. You don’t have to espouse one to understand what they’re for. But that is definitely something it would be good for you to understand.

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Here’s my deal, I’ll generally start leaving islam alone when people can feel as safe saying “did mohammed rape children?” as a rhetorical turn of phrase as they do saying “the pope cares more about rich old white men getting their rocks off than he cares about protecting children from rapists”.

What meaning might that be? Islam rarely gives meaning. Far more often it imposes meaning with the threat of punishment, be it banishment, imprisonment, violence, death, persecution. According to polls 60+% of Egyptians believe apostates should be punished, and it’s illegal in Indonesia to marry a non-muslim if you were born to muslim parents. These kinds of anti-human policies aren’t the exception. I don’t see much value in whatever meaning islam might be said to “give” people.

I can’t disagree with that.

I understand many things about several religions. And while I see some value and structure that people use it for, none of the pointful and good stuff is at all exclusive to religion, and lots of bad stuff is justified with it. So why respect religion when all the “good stuff” is just a part of being a generally good person and is its own reward?


It would seem you have been completely cut off from world events and US politics for the last decade. Or maybe just disingenuous?