Watch as an armored car driver displays nerves of steel

I suspect I would have done a lot more swearing.

I’d love to know why he turned around and went right past the baddies. Going towards backup perhaps?

Okay? Not sure what your point is, but if it’s to suggest this isn’t newsworthy in South Africa:

South Africa is not the US. It’s about one sixth the population. Also, this is not a bank robbery, it’s an armored vehicle robbery (at high speed) in broad daylight - brazen, no matter your definition, but likely much more dangerous for the public than a bank robbery. It also involved multiple rounds of gunfire - how many US bank robberies actually involve shots fired? And finally, other recent South African robberies in transit have made the news, so I was curious as to why this one didn’t, especially since the video went viral.

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Why would you need that? So that they can try and shoot from a moving vehicle into crowded traffic? I can’t see that ending well for any bystanders.

Dashcam video shows Leo Prinsloo driving an armoured vehicle carrying a consignment for delivery when a volley of bullets fired by the robbers in a car alongside him cracks his window.

Footage of Prinsloo’s bravery has lit up social media in South Africa, where he is being likened to a real-life Jason Bourne, the action thriller character. Faced with demands to know more about the country’s newest national hero, Prinsloo’s employer revealed he had spent 12 years as a sniper in a special forces unit of the police and is now an elite firearms trainer.

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