Watch as weed wacker is pitted against weed wacker

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Weedeater War? more like a whack-off!


I love this channel.

“We need something to hold these weedeaters at the proper angle”

“Get the oscilloscopes!”



Clearly a LET THEM FIGHT meme opportunity.


maybe i’m just weary, but "Maximum noodlage!" and "Spaghetti junction!" actually forced an unbidden chuckle from these dour ol lips. Thank you for posting this!


I recently finished hours of bleary eyed research on buying a weed wacker, trying to make some sense of the tradeoffs in cord cost, cord waste, cord cutting. I ended up deciding I didn’t need a weed wacker, that the few spots I needed to edge could be done manually just as easily all things considered. So even if I had gotten one the little use I would have made of it would have basically nullified all that research. Phew.

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Now I want to see a blade vs line battle.


I’m pretty sure the rigid blade would win against the more flexible line, yet line always seems to me to be better against greenery.

an idea…thousands of dollars worth of equipment, “scientific” testing conditions, 4 intelligent men. and basically it boils down to a bunch of friends in the garage tearing stuff up. love it.


This part might be questionable. I mean, the guy is getting smarter every day by doing stuff like weed wack offs? Not that smart. Entertaining to some, but that’s about it.

well as dopey as the experiment may have been, they certainly conducted themselves as intelligent men, and i didn’t see cans of PBR all over the garage.

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