Watch: 'Bannon's War' on FRONTLINE (PBS)


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But I will actually watch it.

I also recommend this:


Right, because replacing it with rabid Objectivist weasels is such a good plan.

I guess it never occurs to them that when they bring down the system that supports their privilege, as unlikable individuals, they’ll be first in the stew pot?


We’re sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to right restrictions.



I’ve never heard anybody suggest Bannon is an objectivist. He’s a fascist, which is quite a different beast.





In general rather than Bannon specifically. They’re all somewhere on that spectrum of unpleasant.


Hopefully this war ends with a life long stay in The Hague too.


Bannon’s War sounds like an American remake of Foyle’s War. {But with a racist f@#$head instead of a wise old cop as its’ protagonist.}


FRONTLINE is such a great series. I’ll definitely be watching this.


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