Bannon Drops a Propaganda Film

Craptastic filmmaker Steve Bannon is dropping a propaganda film on Sept 09* to try and freak out trumpers enough to get them to get off of their pee stained Barcaloungers and lick off the Cheetos dust from their fingers and vote in the mid-terms. Bannon has a penchant for fear films. You may remember his early works:

*Sept. 9, is the second anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s statement, seized on by the Trump campaign, that “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

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And to this day I don’t understand why anybody would triumphantly raise high the mantle of being a bigoted racist white nationalist, which is what Hillary was referencing.


There are trucks in my work parking lot right now that have “Proud to be Deplorable” stickers on them.

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I used to live in Cincinnati, where there were trucks with KKK stickers on them. I don’t really see any difference between the two these days.


Bannon is trying make these assholes believe that the Dems are coming their “deplorable”.

“By Gawd, they won’t take my racist!” (New bumper sticker in the making)

Imagine having so little dignity that you’d make a whole propaganda film to kiss the ass of a guy who said this about you:


Steve Bannon is the bizarro world Michael Moore.

You’re welcome.



"Bannon, describing the film, told me: “How jacked do we think Trump will be when he sees this?”

He’s still trying to impress his lost boyfriend it seems.

(BTW Anybody notice how Axios is taking a harder turn to the right?)

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What a pathetic loser.

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Meanwhile a junk book from the Mercers’ Government Accountability Institute is being promoted by the Mercers’ Breitbart with the pre-excuse that the Democratic Party stole the November elections.

Did the Mercers really break with Bannon, or are they all just tuned to the same Voices?

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